Waterproof Wet Bags

Look no further. Your answer to the 'Zero Plastic Bags' revolution is here. We've spotted a massive hole in the market for beautifully made, super reasonably-priced, completely waterproof (not just 'water resistant') wet bags.


These are simply amazing bags. Essential for any ECE centre, for any parent with kids needing a tog bag for swimming, or a bag to chuck muddy or wet clothes in on the way home from the beach! A bag to chuck muddy boots in after sport, the uses are pretty much endless. These are literally all you need.


Bags are just $16. Bargain. We do also offer bulk wholesale prices to ECE's and shops wanting to stock our products. 


These come in one size, 34x37cm, with a single drawstring at the top. Our Paterpillar wet bags also have a logo label sewn into the side seam, perfectly sized to write your wee ones' name/room number on (trust us, your kids' teachers will LOVE you for it!). 


NEW OPTION - CUSTOMISED NAME LABEL CAN BE ADDED FOR $5, simply choose the 'label' option below, and enter the name at checkout :)


As always, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to email us directly on sales@paterpillar.co.nz and we'll get back to you asap.


You'll thank us later!


If you are a teacher at an ECE centre, a coach of a sports team, or you just have a load of kids(!), we are happy to offer a bulk discount for orders over 20 bags. If this kind of sweet deal floats your boat, flick us an email directly at sales@paterpillar.co.nz and we'll suss out a cheap rate :)


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