Animal Vests

After so many requests over the years, Paterpillar has delivered!


Recycled wool dog vests with a new polar fleece lining, along with the option of dinosaur spikes, for the more adventurous dog......

  • Three different sizes available, but can be customised to fit too
  • Adjustable velcro strap around chest and under rib cage
  • Loads of wool options to choose from - from solid plain colours, to those traditional tartans you find hidden in Nana's linen cupboard!
  • A wide range of bright polar fleece linings
  • Your choice of original vest, or the quirky stegasaurus dinosaur spike option
  • These are designed specifically for dogs, but if you think your chicken, cat, pig or small werewolf needs one of these in their lives, just make sure you choose the correct size (and PLEASE email me photos)!

If you don't love the 10 wool options available here, feel free to have a look on my kids wool vests (, and email me with another alternative if you'd prefer, and I can see if I have enough. Additionally, if you'd prefer a cotton lining to the polar fleece, flick me an email with the material number you'd like (from the vests page again, and I can do that no worries).


Finished Vest Lengths:

  • Small - 30cm
  • Medium - 44cm
  • Large - 58cm

All completely handmade right here in Nelson, NZ, by a slightly mad, definitely sleep-deprived and sarcastic Mum of four. Sometimes ably assisted by some of her kids and her model dog, Daisy the Labradoodle.