Waterproof Fleece-Lined Shoecovers

Oh we have been waiting to introduce these! Our COMPLETELY WATERPROOF AND FLEECE LINED SHOE COVERS! There's simply nothing like this on the market, and you've been missing out!


These are quite possibly the cutest product in our range of kids clothing!

Designed for the 'just beginning to crawl' wee one, to the 'I'm not far off walking all the time' poppet. Fleece lined and water proof these shoe covers are designed to keep either socks (or socks and shoes) dry and clean, while your wee one is out in the elements, wet grass or sandpit etc.

Perfect for throwing in your nappy or daycare bag, you will thank us when you no longer have to take multiple pairs of shoes and socks everywhere!

Like all of our wet weather clothes, these are completely machine washable and designed to be rinsed off (if necessary) and thrown in the washing machine.  

These are waterproof, but are not designed to be shoes. These are not designed for walkers, just crawlers.

Available in a range of colours and two sizes, 'Littlies' and 'Not so Littlies'.


$16 a pair incl. GST.

How to order:

- Decide whether your child will be wearing shoes or just socks inside these (the fleece is pretty thick, so we'd probably suggest no shoes but up to you). Once you've decided this, measure your wee one's foot (with shoe on if that's what you're after). Choose from the two sizes below based on that measurement.

- 'Littlies' - will fit a shoe or foot up to 11cm long
- 'Not so Littlies' - will fit a shoe or foot up to 13cm long

- Outer colours - navy, royal blue or black

- Inner colours - navy, black, kermit green, pink or red



- Please be aware that while we do sew as fast as we possibly can, we do have lives outside of Paterpillar. We don't start sewing until your payment has cleared, and endeavour to get your order sent within a week. We really do try as hard as we can, so please be understanding. If you have an urgent request, please email me directly on louise@paterpillar.co.nz and we'll see what we can do. xxx