Bucket Hats

These little stunners are a red hot seller for us during summer months. We completely customise every hat ordered, so you get to choose your favourite two material options.

Two options available, in sizes newborn right through to extra large adult!

  • Reversible
  • Toggle and tie

Fully reversible or with optional toggle and ties for the littlies, bucket hats are an absolute must for every New Zealand child over summer, and compulsory at most schools and early childhood centres. All our products come with a small (1 x 4cm) logo label sewn in a side seam. This gives you perfect space for writing a childs' name, useful if your child is at an early childhood centre or school.  

We have been doing a great trade in adults hats too, so don't feel you're being left out! As with the kids hats, all you need is a head measurement and your two choices from our HUGE range of material options. 

Measure around the biggest part of their head (just above their ears), and then order the size closest to this. Always go up a size rather than down as we wouldn't want to squish their wee brains!


Carry on to checkout :)

We do our best to have orders sent within 10-14 days.