Paterpillar Baby

Modern cloth nappies

Parents choose them for many reasons - to be environmentally conscious, to save money, to put cute prints on baby bums, or to just avoid rubbish bags of stinky used disposable nappies.

There's now another choice. You can choose to buy NEW ZEALAND MADE. Sure, you can buy wonderful cheap cloth nappies manufactured in China. There are also awesome NZ-owned businesses that sell cloth nappies, but look in the fine print and their nappies are probably manufactured off-shore.

Paterpillar Baby products are 100% made in sunny Nelson. The snaps are pressed in on our lounge floor. Our products are sewn on our kitchen and coffee tables between laundry, other work, kids' activities, and yes, changing cloth nappy bums! The only thing we don't do yet is design our own PUL prints, which we're working on for the future.

Our nappies are designed as OSFM (one size fits most) from 3kg to toilet-training
  • Trim but easy to stuff
  • Inserts can be snapped in (All in two), or stuffed in the pocket
  • Thirsty bamboo inserts - your choice between 2 x six layer bamboo inserts, and quick dry trifold and snake bamboo inserts
  • Three rows of rise snaps
  • Tummy elastic
  • Single or double gusset (for that extra security!)
  • Velcro or snap closure - simply pop your choice of closure in the 'special instructions for seller' box, at checkout :)
Each nappy purchased comes with your choice of two six layer bamboo inserts, or a quick dry trifold and snake bamboo insert. Additional inserts are available to purchase separately, as are our super cute, matching double pocket completely waterproof wet bags and mini wet bags.
We aim to send orders as fast as we can (within a day or two if in stock), or within 7-10 days if we sell out! 
Cloth nappies are poo and wee catchers. It's essential that they're washed properly, as build up of urine/faeces can lead to stains, smells and ammonia burns to your baby's skin.Ammonia can also cause your nappies to wear out way faster.

The keys are two washes, mainstream detergent, and warm/hot water. Gone are the days of soaking in buckets of Napisan - it no longer contains bleach, and MCNs are made of multiple layers. This is no place to muck around with cold water, unicorn sneezes, soap nuts, or "sun-bleaching" to hide stains.

We include simple washing instructions with every nappy, and are MORE than happy to be contacted for any washing advice. Feel free to check out our fb (www.facebook/com/paterpillarbaby) or ig ( pages, or flick us an email (

  • Flush poo, then chuck used nappies in an airy basket
  • Short wash (at least 30 minutes with some agitation) on 40-60 degrees, every 1-2 days. This gets rid of lots of the poo and urine.
  • Then pop damp into another basket until main wash day.
  • When you have enough nappies to fill your machine, run a long (2+ hours) 40-60 degree main wash. Use the full amount of a good mainstream detergent such as Persil or Cold Power.
  • Hang up to dry (or put inserts in the dryer).

If looked after well, your nappies should last for years and through several kids!